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Think it will take too long?

—  If I said “give me less than 5 minutes of your time, and there’s a 90% chance I can save you more than $20/month, that’s not too long right?”  That’s all it really takes to get started, just a little information, most of which you either have in your head or on your phone.  If we can save you money, then we take a little time to talk about your options, but at that point you already know you can save a lot of money.  Actually finding out doesn’t take long at all, and you don’t even have to be on the phone for it.

Think you already have a good deal?

—  If actually having a good deal is important to you, then let’s find out how good it is.  Maybe you DO have a great deal, and maybe it’s not quiiiite as good as you thought and there’s something better that you qualify for.  Either way, we’ll let you know so you know you’re either in a great place, or you’re about to be!

Think you should stay with your current carrier because you've been there a long time?

—  That’s great!  That kind of track record makes your rates lower with almost any company out there when you’re looking at switching companies.  Almost every company will reward you for being with your previous company a long time more than they actually reward you for staying with them for a long time.  It’s bizarre, but its also the reason that we’re always happy to look at our other carrier options if your rates start to increase down the road with your new carrier.  And because we have access to so many carriers, even if you need to switch carriers, you don’t have to switch agents.  We’re here for you.

Think you shouldn't call because you like your current carrier?

—  Two things here.  One, we may be able to keep you with your same carrier, same coverage, etc, for the same or LOWER premium than your paying.  Some people assume having an agent (“middle man”) will make their insurance more expensive, but it doesn’t usually work that way.  The carrier is still paying someone to write you policy, whether it’s us or the person that picks up when you call them directly.  If you go through us, the cost to the carrier can often actually be lower, because for a variety of reasons, employees can cost them more than they pay an agent.  Two, if you really do like your carrier, make sure to let us know why!  We may have an option that will save you money and still be able to give you what you like about them, or it might be a coverage that only they and one or two other companies offer, and it’s helpful for us to know that when putting together your options!

Think you should wait because you're in the middle of a claim?

—  This is a very common concern for someone to have.  The reality of this situation is that a company has to handle your claim the same way whether you’re still with them or not.  If their policy was in force when the damage/incident took place, their policy is the one that will be responsible for anything covered under that policy.  They can’t treat you differently because you’ve since decided to go elsewhere.  That would get them in hot water with the insurance commissioner, which is not worth the potential headache for them.  Some companies don’t have great claims processes, but this isn’t the reason for it.

Think you should wait because you're policy doesn't renew for a while?

—  This is a case-by-case answer.  In most situations, it still makes sense to switch right away, or just before your next monthly payment.  Even if you pay every 6 months in full, if we’re cutting your premium in half, switch now!  You’ll get a refund for the unused time of the policy, perhaps minus a small percentage.  The good news is, when we run quotes for you, we absolutely take this stuff into consideration for you.  Sometimes we’ll advise waiting until the end of a term to switch because the savings doesn’t justify any potential penalty that might be out there, but that’s unusual.  Most of the time we’re saving our customers so much it makes sense not to wait.


We believe in providing top-notch insurance products and services to our clients and that requires working with the best financial institutions available in today's market. We're proud to be associated with a variety of carriers, including these: 



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