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We are a North Carolina-based, family-owned independent insurance agency.  We work with all the major carriers you've heard of, as well as some you haven't, to provide you a thorough coverage analysis, rate comparison, and policy advise to ensure your business or family have the coverage you need.

Now that we have the basics out of the way, 'why Sparklebird?' is a great question!  Let's take a quick run through who we are, why we do what we do, and what 'Sparklebird' means...

In most cases, our clients come to us from people they trust, whether it be friends, family, or another agent that may not offer as broad a range of options for someone’s needs.  If you found your way to us through another source, you may want to know what makes us different from anyone else you could call.

We’re a family business that strives to look out for other families in our daily work, while making the experience pretty fantastic for our clients.  Insurance can be boring, but your side of it doesn’t have to be. Of course there will be questions about the kind of car you drive, or the square footage of your home, but at the end of the day, most people want three things out of their insurance:
to be covered for what they should be covered for if a claim arises, to pay as little as they can for that coverage, and to have an easy way to reach someone with questions (preferably the same someone, not a call center). 

Many people make the mistake of assuming the first part (the coverage) is a foregone conclusion, and they only focus on the second part (the cost). You have to have both things in place to be getting a good value for your dollar, and that’s really where third part comes in (a local agent that knows you). Yes, you have to give us some of that boring information, but then we’ll let you get on with your day and start to work for you, to put you and your family in the best position we can. 

We shop many carriers and will even consider which carriers might provide better coverage for you, even if the price might be a little higher than with our other carriers. That’s your choice to make, but it’s our job to give you your best options (and some solid advice when appropriate). We’re professionals, but we’ll make the process as easy and pleasant as it can be for you, so that the next person that reads this page might be someone you sent our way!

​** - If by “Why SparkleBird?”, you just want to know why we named the company what we did, well, it’s because our daughter loves anything that sparkles and our son loves the SR-71 Blackbird recon plane.  Sparkle.  Bird.  Or, as our daughter put it, we did it “so that your customers know you have super cute kids!”


We are happy to provide customized insurance consulting for individuals and businesses in North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, Georgia, and Florida.  Whether you are looking to buy term or whole life insurance, need to compare car insurance rates, or are wanting a home or renters insurance quote - we can help you find the best coverage for you or your business.  Contact us today for a no-obligation quote!

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